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Frank Perez has been a working photographer for over 15 years. After receiving an AA Language Arts and AS Photography from Citrus College (2004), he began assisting other working commercial photographers. In 2005 he began photographing for media publications and public relations/marketing departments. His work can be seen regularly in newspapers and magazines, throughout the communities in Southern California. In 2014 after deciding to return to school, Frank graduated from the University of La Verne with a hybrid BA in Marketing Photography.

In 2017 Frank was accepted into the Master of Fine Arts studio arts program at Cal State San Bernardino where he has been experimenting with new approaches to his art and its ties to the phenomenological experience.

Frank has shown his work in exhibitions such as Anthrobscene (2018) , curated by Andrew Thompson, at the Progress Gallery in Pomona, Golden Empire-GOCA, curated by Edward Gomez, at GOCA21 in Fort Collins, Colorado as well as Rumination (2019) at the Dutton Gallery at Cal State San Bernardino.

 Frank currently lives in the Inland Empire with his wife, children, and dog.  He also maintains a commercial photography practice in Southern California.

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